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500 KV Overhead Transmission Line Stringing Tools and Equipments are exported

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Author : NBDF
Update time : 2024-05-01 14:40:55
We exported 12 of 40' containers of 500KV transmission line stringing equipment and tools to our customers in South America in last month. Both customers are the leading transmission line engineering companies in their countries. After 10-15 years cooperation, we haver really good business relationship.

The most import issue of our products is the good quality of products and our expeience in the service in last 35 years.

Five Sheaves stringing blocks for stringing 4 conductors on 500KV Overhead transmission line.

24mm anti twisting braided steel wire rope for pulling 4 conductors on 500KV overhead transmission line.

13MM anti twisting braided steel wire rope for pulling OPGW and pilot wire rope on 500KV transmission line.

Motorised Winches for erection of tower and sagging of conductors on 500KV transmission line.

Pilot wire rope reel stands for working on 500KV transmission line

We are loading 12 containers within 2 days