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132KV overhead transmission line puller tensioner exported

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Author : NBDF
Update time : 2024-06-13 10:23:56
We just exported 3 sets of hydraulic puller and hydraulic tensioner for 110KV - 132KV overhead transmission line stringing in same day. They are exported to our regular customers in South East Asia and Saudi Arabia. Include 6 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ60 with 6 ton hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ60, 4 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ40 with 4 ton hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ40A, 3 ton hydraulic puller SA-YQ30 with 3 ton hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ30A.

Hydraulic Puller 6 Ton SA-YQ60 for 132KV overhead transmission line

Hydraulic Tensioner SA-YZ60 for 132KV overhead transmission line conductor stringing.

Hydraulic Puller 4 Ton SA-YQ40 for 110KV overhead transmission line.

Hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ40A for 110KV transmission line single conductor stringing

Hydraulic Puller SA-YQ30 for 132KV transmission line OPGW stringing.

Hydraulic Tensioner SA-YZ30A for 132KV transmission line OPGW stringing

Anti twisting steel wire rope 13mm diameter for pulling single conductor or OPGW

Aluminum sheave lined with neoprene stringing pulley blocks SHD660 for single conductor stringing.